Library Relocation

The Indonesian Carmelite Library has moved from Jl. Talang 3 Malang to Jl. Terusan Rajabasa 4, Malang by occupying the new library building. The purpose of this move is for effectiveness of use, especially the College of Theological Philosophy which has established cooperation (with MoU) with the Indonesian Carmelite Library. In the new place, the library is still under construction, therefore not all books can be accessed yet.

Library Access

The Indonesian Carmelite Library is open to the public who conduct research in the field of philosophy theology (and related philosophy theology), Carmelite spirituality, general spirituality and local wisdom. For security reasons, books are not allowed outside the library and are not duplicated in any way such as photocopying for the sake of legality. The library has provided a comfortable place to conduct research.


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