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Indonesian Carmelite Library "Titus Brandsma"

Jl. Terusan Rajabasa No.4, Pisang Candi, Kec. Sukun

Malang 65146

Jawa Timur




Visiting Hours:

Monday-Friday: 07.45 AM—06.45 PM

Saturday: 07.45 AM—12.45 PM

Sunday and Holidays: Closed



The Indonesian Carmelite Library "Titus Brandsma" has a collection of philosophy theology (and related field philosophy theology, including journals), spirituality, Carmelite spirituality and local wisdom. 


Short Story:

The Indonesian Carmelite Library "Titus Brandsma" was established in 1951 together with the establishment of the Carmelite convent "Regina Apostolorum", Batu which transferred the education of Carmelite candidates for the priesthood from Malang. For the sake of effectiveness, the library was moved to the Carmelite monastery Titus Brandsma, Jalan Terusan Rajabasa 4, Malang, in the new formation house, which is adjacent to the College of Theological Philosophy. In 2003, for reasons of librarian capacity, the library was moved to the Carmelite convent at Jalan Talang 3, Malang. Then, on August 15, 2023 (the jubilee hundred year of the Carmelite Order in Indonesia) the library moved again to Jalan Terusan Rajabasa 4, using a building specially designed for the library. In 2007, to support the Indonesian Carmelite Institute, the “Biblioteca Carmelitana” (Carmelite spirituality collection) was established with the collaboration of Dionysius Kosasih O. Carm and Edison R.L. Tinambunan O. Carm. To facilitate users, the library has been using an on-line catalog starting October 1, 2010.


Dr. Edison R.L. Tinambunan O.Carm.


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